When You Can’t Have Caffeine

Recently, my friend’s mother gave up caffeinated tea to avoid repeated heart problems.  Although she is a fan of green tea (which has less caffeine than many hot drinks), she is trying to avoid caffeine altogether.  As an avid tea enthusiast who believes in the health benefits of Camellia sinensis, I’ve had to change my focus a little.  My friend asked me what kind of tea her mother could drink.  I suggested white tea, although herbal tisanes might be a better option.

What kind of herbal teas (which are made from the berries, seeds, flowers, and leaves of a variety of other plants) are helpful for someone like my friend’s mom, who loves a bit of fruit flavoring?  I suggest the teas listed below, which have been cited as safe for pregnant women.  I have recorded the reasons.  If something is good for pregnant women, it is generally good for all of us!

  1. Chamomile – This tea lacks caffeine and is especially good if you need help calming down or falling asleep.
  2. Lemon Balm – Not only does it relieve insomnia, but it can help alleviate anxiety and irritability, as well.
  3. Peppermint – Mint tea is generally known to help with stomach problems, various digestion problems, and nervousness.
  4. Rose Hips – May help boost the immune system.  Native Americans have used it for thousands of years.
  5. Kava – This does not contain any caffeine, unless it is adulterated.  It is made from the root of the South Pacific kava plant, if you haven’t already guessed.  It is a non-stimulant that is used for relaxation.

If you know a type of herbal tea you would like to add to this list (which is not exhaustive, by any means), feel free to contribute information to the comments section.  If you disagree with any of these facts, feel free to heckle me in a informative, tea-related fashion.

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